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University of Essex

2021 ~

Lecturer ASER (Assistant Professor) of Sociology


University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D². Sociology & Demography. September 2021

Dissertation: Time for Well-Being

Dissertation Committee:

Chair: Irene Bloemraad

Daniel Schneider

Neil Fligstein

Osagie Kingsley Obasogie


M.A. Sociology. March 2018

M.A. Committee:

Irene Bloemraad

David Harding


M.A. Mathematical Demography. May 2015

M.A. Exam:

Kenneth W. Wachter

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

M.S. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture & Pharmacology

University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A. Sociology. May 2012

Summa Cum Laude


Stefanie Mollborn

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